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Swimming alone in choppy marketing waters? That’s brave. The 300+ marketing leaders in CMO Huddles prefer to band together. If you’re a B2B CMO who can share, care, and dare with the best of them, let’s huddle. 

What is CMO Huddles? 
CMO Huddles is an inspired community of B2B marketing leaders that delivers confidence, connections, and coverage (PR).

A confident penguin with a lightbulb, symbolizing insightful decision-making support that CMO Huddles offers


Gain the insights you need to make faster and better decisions via Huddles, pithy recaps, & coaching sessions with leading authorities.

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Build a powerful peer network to help you now and throughout your career via arranged 1:1s, monthly roundtables, and in-person events.

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Secure exposure as a thought leader across the marketing world via our LinkedIn amplifier and exclusive media properties.

What's So Great About CMO Huddles? 
We'll let the Huddlers answer that one. For more, visit our Wall of Love.

Joshua Leatherman

CMO, Service Express

"I believe in the concept of R&D, which is Rip-Off and Duplicate. I don't have to reinvent the wheel for my company, I can do it in 200% of the time because CMO Huddles can connect me with somebody can mentor and teach me."

Denise Vu Broady

CMO, Collibra

"It doesn't matter whether you're a first year CMO or a 10th year CMO—we're all facing the same problems. At CMO Huddles, there cannot be a better platform to learn from and help each other. It's extremely beneficial." 

Bryan Law

CMO, Zoominfo

"CMO Huddles is the CMO groups that I find to be the most valuable. The small group nature of the conversations, how you connect us with others, how we can highlight when we have certain issues—all of it." 

Katie McAdams

CMO, Basis Technologies

"CMO Huddles can help you leapfrog whatever problem it is you're facing—other CMOs can tell you how they tackled it since they've been there and done it. It's been incredibly valuable to me and helping me grow in my role."

Join the ranks of B2B marketing greatness.

Purple background with logos of top B2B companies with CMOs who are members of CMO Huddles: ZoomInfo, KPMG, Forrester, & more

Coming Up in Huddleland

If you'd like to attend a Huddles as a guest, send an email with your preferred date & time to support @ cmohuddles (dot) com.  

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Why Penguins? 

Well, a group of these highly social, nurturing, curious, adaptable, and problem solving birds is called a huddle. And the B2B marketing leaders in CMO Huddles are all that and more, helping each other (and their teams) outswim the most challenging job in the sea-suite. 

Purple penguins standing in a row, representing the community members of CMO Huddles known as 'Huddlers'

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