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Bring together and empower an elite group of CMOs to share, care, and dare each other to greatness.


CMO Huddles was born out of my ongoing experience working with hundreds of innovative CMOs, in various roles as agency owner, author, columnist, podcaster, and marketing executive. In addition to gaining profound respect for the difficult demands CMOs face, I’ve continued to be amazed by the new insights, perspectives, ideas, talents that today’s top CMOs are bringing to bear on ever-evolving challenges. And yet, CMOs struggle to get respect in the C-Suite and find themselves isolated from peers who often face the same challenges.

I started CMO Huddles at the beginning of the pandemic to address the vacuum of sharing, caring, and daring among an elite group of highly effective CMOs, and have been thrilled by the response. If you’re looking for a competitive edge and are committed to continuous professional development, let’s huddle.

-Drew Neisser


  • Monthly Huddles: Conversations on important topics with a matched peer group (max 12) scheduled around your availability moderated by Drew Neisser
  • Super Huddles: Semiannual virtual events featuring inspiring guest speakers, workshops and broader CMO networking
  • Huddle Highlights: Recaps of key insights & resource recommendations from all of the huddles
  • PR: Ongoing exposure opportunities (videos, podcasts, articles, newsletters)
  • CSR: Opportunity to advise and support a non-profit (starting with Black Girls CODE)


Benefits to the CMO

  • Confidence that only a smart and accomplished peer group can provide
  • Inspiration from your fellow expert practitioners
  • Insights to help you work through your toughest challenges with practical take-aways
  • Exposure to help be recognized as a marketing thought leader
  • Access to a diverse network that has solved just about every marketing challenge
  • Support from the huddle for CMOs in transition

Benefits to the Company

  • Competitive advantage on key strategic decisions (peer informed & reviewed)
  • Timely consulting on the most critical and topical issues facing CMOs
  • Increased agility to apply the latest tactics that have already proven effective
  • Increased efficiency in the selection of Martech and other potential vendors
  • Brand exposure as an industry thought leader


  • All huddlers are reasonably vetted
  • Problem-solving conversations with highly effective peers
  • Deft moderation provided by a veteran moderator of countless CMO conversations, who gleans the insights you’ll cherish, keeping conversations focused on real-world experiences and free of opinion-based conjecture.
  • Expert content created or curated by the author of the book, The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, as well as over 600 CMO-based pieces of content including podcasts, articles, blogs, newsletters and other content in the last 10 years.

What Huddlers Are Saying

  • I get inspired at every huddle

  • I’ve yet to walk away from a huddle without a few great ideas that I can put into practice.

  • Each huddle is a wonderful respite from the craziness of my job.

  • It’s amazing to have regular access to such a diversity of talent.

  • My team saved countless hours of research when one CMO shared her vendor analysis.

  • CMO Huddles which kicked off in the early days of April have been a wealth of info and lifeline for me!

  • Drew is a true pro keeping the conversations lively, interesting and on point.

  • The first Super Huddle was an action packed two hours of inspiration.

CMO Huddles Advisory Board

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